Utility electric bikes

Utility electric bikes

Prefer portable, compact and space saving? Or rather able to carry heavy and bulky loads?

The Utility electric bikes have been designed to be the perfect means of transport to accompany you on all your adventures and make your life easier! This collection offers you functional, practical and attractive models that can improve your quality of life, whether they be folding or more utility style.

Every detail is designed to make your trips easier and transform your daily life, to go with you anywhere at any time.

Our 2 ranges from the Utility collection

iPeps range

Equo Cargo range

Features of the Utility collection



Our models are designed for those who want to fold their bike and store it in minimal space at work or home and transport it easily.


Heavy load

A bike that can carry and transport your kids, your shopping and parcels. Make life easier with e-cargo.




The best in Utility


Imagine an effortless world

New for 2021: the Equo Cargo 7.1, the ultimate carrier bike, is intended to carry several kids, your shopping or any other loads. It is just as good for town as it is for longer distances.

With its high-powered and extremely hard-wearing Shimano EP8 Cargo 85 Nm motor, Equo provides unfailing assistance whatever the elevation or load. With its Gates carbon belt drive and integrated speed hub, the 7.1 offers you maximum comfort and streamlined gear change.


Motor : Shimano EP8 Cargo

Batteries : iPowerPack Advanced 432 / iPowerPack Advanced 720

Fork : SR Suntour

Tyres : Schwalbe

Derailleur : Shimano NEXUS 5 speed

Brakes: Shimano MT420 hydraulic discs

Sizes: One size

Colour: Anthracite grey

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