iPowerPack Advanced

The iPowerPack Advanced battery is adapted for this cargo bike which requires a lot of power for its heavy loads. Make the most of battery life that can take you up to 170 km depending on the selected ride mode. The integrated battery on the bike frame is protected by an aluminium plate to make your energy source last longer.


Shimano EP8 Cargo

New Shimano EP8 Cargo motor, 85 Nm torque, acceleration up to 25 km/h. Specially developed for cargo bikes, this motor has immediate power to help you at any time. Set off and pedal easily, even with a heavy load.


4 piston Shimano MT420

The 4 piston Shimano MT420 brakes are adapted to stop a bike like the Equo. They are able to stop cargo easily and smoothly at speeds up to 25 km/h. Efficient and powerful braking for riding with peace of mind.


Suspended 60 mm

With its adjustable 60 mm angle suspended fork, you can improve your comfort and increase ride stability. The roughness of the road seems to disappear, even with the weight of your load.