Comfort electric bikes

Comfort electric bikes

We have developed a collection around your riding comfort, in town for the City models, or everywhere else with our Explorer models, to give you a sense of well-being with every turn of the pedal.

In our Comfort collection, you will find models suited to your taste, easy to use, at affordable prices or others more top end, more powerful, with the latest innovations and a better finish. Find the enjoyment in an everyday model that lets you move around freely and easily with minimum effort but always with maximum comfort.

Our 3 ranges from the Comfort collection

iVog model

iSwan model

iPop model

Features of the Comfort collection

Open frame

The Comfort range of bikes have an open frame to make the bike easier to standover, and to help with braking stability and transporting children safely.

Upright posture

A riding position with a straight, upright back improves comfort as there is no heavy support on the hands or shoulders. The Comfort collection bikes generally adapt to the rider with their adjustable bracket for riding in complete comfort.




The best in Comfort


Ride comfortably in silence

Our 8.1 boost model is the top end of the collection and the powerful version of the iSwan City.

With a Gates carbon belt drive and automatic gear change, the 8.1 version is a marvel of technology, designed for riding comfortably in silence and with gentle and gradual assistance. No compromise on design line and its stylish profile!


Motor : Shimano STEPS E6100

Batteries : iPower Pack 432 / iPower Pack 540


Tyres : Schwalbe

Derailleur : Shimano Nexus 5 speed Di2

Brakes : Shimano MT200

Sizes : S – 26″ wheels / M – 28″ wheels/ L – 28″ wheels

Colours : Anthracite grey

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